To find me, head down South to the culturally rich city of Memphis, TN. Cross over the bluffs and into a different land and way of life. Teeming with life, the city sings the blues on Beale Street, offers you pulled pork on every corner, and invites you in for sweet tea. I love being in a city where creative inspiration is plentiful- the blues, folk art, the Mississippi River, and vast open fields on the drive to my grandmother’s home.

Land. It stretches for miles down here. Farmland, bluffs, fields. Having grown up surrounded by southern scenery, I draw on the land for my inspiration.
Our way of life is slower down here. We welcome you in for a chat and don't let you leave without pie. Strangers that you meet around town went to high school with your parents. Barbecue is a food group, not just an activity. We do things differently down here.
And you'll find me doing things a bit differently when it comes to art. My passion for interiors, spatial arrangement, and interaction of subject and color also play a huge roll in the development of my pieces. I pull inspiration from interior magazines and textiles for palettes and proportional treatment of color. My work seeks to capture the constant ebb and flow of movement within a landscape with bold strokes of oil color. The goal of my work is to find truth in each stroke, to embrace the process of letting go.

I’m here to give you the most perfect art buying experience and I offer a different approach to doing so. Anxious about purchasing a piece before seeing it on your wall? Never fear. I’ll work up a digital mockup for you of a piece on your walls. So, come on in! Browse around and let me know how we can work together on creating the perfect painting for your space!