Monday, June 22, 2015

Bumping Christmas! A Summer Sale for Commissions!

I'm bumping up Christmas this year with a little summer sale! Get your commissions in early is this year b/c I can't guarantee commission work around the holidays with this little guy's arrival this fall!

I have 5 spots left at 25% off for Select-a-Size and Custom orders placed between today and June 15- 26 (THIS Friday!!!) Enter code BUMP20 at checkout to receive this deal or email me to place your order:hillarybutlerfineart(at)

Spots are filling fast! ‪

Here are my upcoming maternity leave deadlines to receive your ptg in 2015:
Custom orders must be placed by August 1*
Select - a- Size orders must be placed by August 10th *

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Studio Scenes

  I picked up my camera the other day and stated taking snapshots around my studio. I made the conscious decision to not move or style anything for the pictures- I wanted to capture studio life as it happens. So here goes...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Client Work

Just finished up this lovely lady for a client. It's a 36" x 48" version of "Waiting and Wishing" a Select-a-Size piece that Katherine chose for her office. She wanted it to be bright and happy to cheer up her clients when they walked in. So, so honored to be able to work on this piece! 

Learn more about the Select-a-Size painting process here- it's so easy!