Monday, May 12, 2014

Painting for Mom

My latest piece was for a really special lady, my mama! My parents' kitchen recently underwent a long- awaited remodel and there's this big empty wall in it that just screams for a big piece of art. Being the first room in the house most people see, this spot definitely lends itself to wanting the "wow" factor when you walk in the door. Looking at the date on the old piece that was there, we came to the realization that it had been 10 years since we had done a piece for this spot- an upgrade was definitely in order!

When you raise a kid, and put up with their crap, and pay for their school, and feed them 3 awesome meals a day, and listen to them cry for weeks on end as they try to make it through middle school, you pretty much get to order what you want from them as payback when they become adults. And that is why it's fun to spoil the moms. They do so much for us, even as adults, they deserve some big thank yous.

And my mom is quite the super mom. My sister Nan and I fondly refer to her as the OBM, "Original Blogger Mom."  She did all the DIY things bloggers do now long before it was cool. She's always foraged for moss and curly branches and made these amazing arrangements from nothing, it seemed. She's long recycled odd objects and pulled items off the side of the road and turned them into works of art. When we were younger, this was not cool, but she had a knack for redeeming crazy things before any blogs told us how to do this. She taught us to use what we had instead of buying a bunch of new stuff, and our projects always turned out way awesome because we made ourselves stretch our imaginations and dream. We got to paint and decorate our rooms however we wanted growing up and she encouraged our individuality. Nan went through and African phase and we painted zebra stripes on her walls and mine was lavender one year and bright red the next. When I was 16, we moved into this funky big house and I was skeptical that this would be a "cool" house where I could bring my friends. She saw the potential and has creatively turned the inside and out into a beautiful retreat. While living there, we had a spare room that they let me have as an art studio ( what high schooler gets one of these??) and later my younger sister Kate used it as her sewing room for a skirt business she ran in college. We've all ended up in creative fields in one way or another and mom gets the credit for stretching us to think outside of the conventional- to use creatively what you do have instead of focusing on what you don't have. 

And that is why on Mothers Day she gets the biggest painting she wants- because I wouldn't be doing what I do without her encouragement, love, and vision. She's prayed for us, praised us, taught us how to work hard, shown us how to be creative, and taught us how to be kind and love Jesus. You're the most wonderful woman I know. Happy Mothers Day, mom, you deserve it!!   

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