Wednesday, April 30, 2014

When I Think of Spring...

A couple of recent conversations sprung this post. Our little friend, Rob, was working on a school project this weekend where he had to pick one thing that reminded him of spring and work up a little report.  He glued bird seed next to a drawing of his bird and read us his found facts on the Brown Thrasher - did you know they can get a little vicious? It was cute to watch his dad coach him on first grade public speaking skills and to be his audience. My grandmother and I were looking through old pictures the next day and she told me of her first memory where she truly felt the beauty of the earth on a warm spring day. What a gift, I thought. To remember that experience all these years later. I realized that I had a first memory as well. It was about this time of year and I was about 6 or 7. My mom had sent me outside before school to feed our dog, Buster, and I remember being enamored by the beautiful morning. The air, the light sparkling on the lawn, the whole day seemed magical and I remember twirling around in the backyard enjoying it. Unlike Rob, I couldn't think of just one thing that reminds me of spring, do I present my top favorites of spring in Memphis:

The Patio:  David and I have been enjoying a lot of nights on the patio lately; just enjoying each others company and watching Penny lose her mind chasing evil bees and birds from the yard. How dare they enter her domain? How dare they? Spring is also the time I like to take books outside and read on the patio. On days that beg to be outside, if the dog has not claimed me for a walk, you can find me digging in the dirt or propped up with a book, wine or tea beside. 

Free them feet: When the weather warms, I get really excited about free feet. Close-toed shoes stifle my soul and it's time to let feet be free! 

Is there ANY better smell than honeysuckle?? I will answer, no. There's not. Honeysuckle means that my plants are in the ground and I;m having dinner outside and I am not sweating to death and that summer is coming. The really great fresh part of summer that's full of fresh vegetables and popsicles and Saturdays at the pool.

Outdoor events: The Levitt Shell has to be one of the coolest things Memphis has done lately (there's a lot of cool things, but this makes it pretty high on my list). I like the spring concerts over the fall because the light lingers and it feels like an overgrown church picnic with killer awesome music. Art Festivals are galore this time of year. We went to Double Decker last weekend (as attendees this year!) and could fill just about every weekend with one through the summer. Memphis in May! What more to say- eat and concert yourself out in May with: Italian Fest, BBQ Fest, Greek Fest, Israeli Fest, Music Fest and wrap it up with Sunset Symphony on the river. 

Wowsa. It's gonna be a great spring. I can feel it! 

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