Monday, February 3, 2014

A Succulent Centerpiece

Saturday was such a beautiful day and such a great excuse to work on a live centerpiece for our dining room table. This is phase 1 of the dining room. A new light fixture is coming in and I have some dramatic plans for those walls. One thing that is staying is the grouping of David's originals. It's such a beautiful focal point for the room and makes me very happy when I walk in the front door and see the bright scenes staring back at me. 

For the centerpiece, I wanted something modern to contrast against the traditional table and picture frames. I had that awesome fishbowl set out and decided on plants that don't need much attention and are, henceforth, hard to kill- succulents! In 30 minutes, it all came together: layers of soil and sand and playful arrangement of the plants and voile la! A succulent centerpiece!

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