Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Orchid Fest

 Orchid has been chosen as the 2014 color of the year by Pantone and there's a lot of brow raisin' going on! Shades of purple are not most people's go-to color palette and I was skeptical at first, but after nosing around, I found some gorgeous interiors using orchid whether sparingly or daringly. Kelly Wearstler pairs it with tangerine in her bedroom, and if Kelly does it, then it's law, right? Lonny features a spread where they have paired orchid with shades of blue and turquoise, keeping the color palette all in the cool family. My favorite color combination is the prchid and chartruese against the black laquered walls. What a pop of contrasting color! If you're not feeling so daring, there's always a trip to the supermarket or florist for a potted orchid to add a tiny splash of this bold new color trend into any existing color palette. 

It's my goal to add more purple into my house and art this year. How about you? How likely are you to use purple in your decor? Thumbs up or down???  

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