Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Mornings: Weekend Reminiscing

This was our view this weekend as we spent two whole days lounging about with the fam. It was so refreshing to turn off the brain, read magazines, and laugh about really dumb stuff together. Oh, and eat ice cream cones. I don't often give myself permission to eat junk and I enjoyed every bite of my hard shell crusted cones. Sleeping in, no sunburn, boat time. The perfect little getaway before the August storm of the school year for David, moving, and upcoming shows. Lovely little lake, you were good for the soul! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chestnut Hall Art Sell Out!

Got a call last week saying that I had a grouping at Chestnut Hall sell out. Then I got this picture of the group that sold- the whole wall!! The top painting, "Great Plain," was the painting recently featured in Better Homes and Garden's Style Spotters. A sweet customer liked CH's arrangement and had it reinstalled just like this in her home. Those are the calls that are reeeeeaaaaally fun to get!! Now I have to get painting, stat, to replenish these!! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Mornings: Colorful Inspiration from Vogue

"Where do you get your inspiration for artwork ?" is the question I get asked a lot.  Inspiration sources change almost daily, but I consistently return to gorgeous tried and true publications like Vogue for color palette inspiration.  This page was immediately torn out as soon as I saw it. The rich, warm fall hues are accented so beautifully by the whites of her dress and light turquoise of the walls. Color palettes are tricky in that it's not enough to just have the right color blends, but the right proportions so that the overall effect is pleasing to the eye. I'm working on a series inspired by some great magazine tear-outs.  Stay tuned for some sneak peeks in the weeks to come!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

His-n-Her Coffee Break

David and I had a little business meeting last week at Cafe Eclectic and I snapped a quick photo of our coffees that were delivered which are quite the reflection of our individuality. Is there sugar in syrup, then yes, David loves it. Always. The more the better, hence the whipped cream loaded beverage. I really enjoy a good espresso, roasted to perfection. My beverage of choice is always, without hesitation, a latte. I learned to love espresso on trips to Italy many moons ago and that frothy steamed milk pairs so nicely with it that they must always coincide in my mug. So here's to different taste buds and view points and to my handsome other half who sweetens each of my days, offers me a fresh look on each situation, and softens my tart side.  I think we make quite a good pair.    

Cocktails & Art: Lime Fizzies & Cool Tones

With July heating up, I've been making lime fizzies as an uber-refreshing afternoon pick-me-up. I'd pair it with this new painting, "Freddo" in light, cool tones. So exhilarating. So cool. So fresh.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Mornings: Midcentury Modern Seating

With our move soon approaching, I've been spending waaaaay too much time poking around ebay and Criags List looking for some unique pieces for our new space. I'm currently obsessed with anything resembling a Hans Wegner design and have found these beauties as inspiration. I am over the moon for all of them. This is gonna be a tough decision!

Image credits: Pair of folding Wegner chairs | Paul Kjaerholm's PK22 easy Chair  | Homecrest Siesta Wire Chair | Pair of Midcentury Wegner-esque folding chairs | Alba Outdoor Lounge Chair

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Customize a Size Online!

Did you know that you can pick your favorite small painting on the website and select a size to fit your space? One commission* is available per small painting in a larger standard size:

16" x 20" $250 
20" x 20" $350 
20" x 24" $450 
20" X 30", 24"x30" $525 
24" x 36", 30" x30" $610 
30" x 40", 36" x 36" $750 
36" x 48" $850 
36" x 60" $1100 
48" x 60" $1450

*The intent of these smaller paintings is to cast a vision for larger commissioned pieces so that customers can customize an original piece to their desired size. In order to keep each piece unique, I sell one mini version and one larger version to the standard size of your choice. Once a larger size is commissioned, only the mini version will be for sale. Another painting can then be commissioned in the same color scheme, just not the same design.

 If you are curious as to what size would look best in your space, email me a picture of your space and I will send you a digital rendering of the artwork on your wall. See the View on Your Wall feature for more details!  

Art is an investment and I take your purchasing decisions very seriously!  What I love about what I am am able to do for my clients is offer an extensive mockup/ visualization process so that you get the painting that is perfect for your space. There's no wasted time running around town buying and returning artwork that doesn't work for you, and it removes all the guesswork of "Will this work on my wall?"

Have your eye on a piece? Email me and we'll come up with the perfect artwork for your walls! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

15 Candles...

On our road trip last week, we stopped in an Urban Outfitter in Asheville and in savvy shopper fashion, headed straight to the clearance rack. What to my wondering eyes did see? 15 lovely candles almost for free! They were $1 each. So I bought them all. The hipster kid working the register gave me the eyebrow and asked why I needed all of these. I eyebrowed him back and asked him why I wouldn't need all 15 of them. Geesh. Fortunately, albeit poorly marketed in name, these don't smell like an actual mustache, but what we would hope a 'stache would be- fresh and clean. These bad boys are making my house smell real darn good and I've got about a year before I candle shop again. Boom. All hail the Outfitters; mustaches and all...

Monday, July 8, 2013


It's been a wild few weeks! Travel time, putting our house on the market, siblings home from all over the world. Here's a brief recap.

While this guy was in Italy (poor David, eating all that gelatto and seeing all that art) last week, my sister Kate, and I were road tripping to VA Beach for a weekend wedding!  Road trips are always full of unexpected surprises, twists and turns in the road, conflict, resolution, walking down memory lane, and making new memories, and this was our first together! Ladies and gents, I must confess, this was my first adult beach trip.  By adult I mean a ritualistic application of sunscreen and napping under huge umbrellas instead of frying in the sand because I have found SUN SPOTS on my chest!  I have finally learned that a gal with some serious English roots cannot lay out like the Brazillian ladies. Dangit.

The Biltmore was a stop along the way. Wowsa. George Biltmore, you're my kinda man. I couldn't find a way to convince the staff that I was lady Edith and I was supposed to stay in the house after closing time...

We made a few food stops. Our favorite places were in Asheville: Chai Pani for some of the best Indian Street food this lady has ever had and Tupelo Honey, hailing to our Southern roots. Happy belly fo sho.

Aaaaaaaaand, then we came home to this. The brother is home from circus work in Japan and apparently missed the classier side of American culture. He and David spent the 4th trying to out redneck each other. Sky's out, thighs out, folks. It's gonna be a great July.