Friday, May 31, 2013

Recovering a Chair in Canvas Dropcloth

Furniture recovering is always exciting. You take a piece with great bones and a worn out exterior and give it a fresh look and new life. I love redeeming a piece that otherwise would be discarded. This chair recovering has been so exciting. David bought this green chair from the original owner when he bought our house 8 years ago and it's the chair he sits in to talk through our days when he comes home from work and I'm still painting. It's a really special chair with a lot of history for us and it was time for a much needed facelift.  I initially embraced the retro green velvet and went with the vintage look. It's been in my office, jazzed up with a chevron pillow, but I wanted to go more neutral with the fabric to blend in smoothly with future design trends.  I was looking for the least expensive option for recovering and I had the inspiration to cover it with a canvas drop cloth. I picked up a 9" x 12" drop cloth at Lowes and it turned out so great! My friend, Shannon, who lives in Franklin, TN, recovered this for me as I was able to drop off and pick up the chair during recent visits to the Nash. Shannon taught herself how to recover furniture and has been recovering some gorgeous pieces lately. She did such an incredible job and I couldn't be more thrilled with my new chair! If you're in the Nashville area, check her out on Facebook. Such lovely work, Shannon! So excited this worked out so beautifully!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cocktail Pairing: Champagne Cocktails and Sylvie

Today's cocktail pairing is inspired by the painting Sylvie (this painting was part of a series named after French females). In the spirit of French wines, I'd pair a champagne cocktail like this one with this painting. Champagne, grapefruit, Strega, Campari, raspberries- these flavors and hues pair well with the tango, sea foam, and peaches in this piece. Champagne, mmmmmm. Pairs well with anything in my book!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Cleanse

Spring is always a nutty season for us with David's teaching and coaching schedule and art festival season in full swing. We've also been on the road more weekends lately than we're used to and I. feel. gross. Too much fast food and meals that "will do" to carry us over to the next event is getting old. My friend, Melissa, introduced me to some cleansing smoothies and I am feeling like a champ after I drink these. Wheat grass, berries, fresh ginger, turmeric, plain, fat-free yogurt, cinnamon, and honey go in the blender in the morning. Be careful on the ginger and turmeric- I over did it this morning and it got a little intense going down...

Here are a few recipes that are in my repertoire for this summer. I can't wait to start making these! 
( these are all pinned on my food boards on Pinterest, if you're interested in more healthy food options this summer)

One of my FAVORITE health food blogs of all times is Sprouted Kitchen.  It always inspires me to put clean food in my body and looks so beautiful as well. Sarah put together a great post on healthy travel food. I have a road trip this summer with my sister and I am definitely planning ahead to pack food like this so I don't undo all of this cleansing!

Paleo crab cakes. We love seafood around here and if I can eat the whole pan of these for dinner and feel good about it, give it to me! 

I'm not a huge meat lover, but this makes me want to eat more chicken. Chicken Escalopes with Olive, Caper, & Tomato Dressing.

I cannot wait to get these in my belly for breakfast- Coconut Almond Quinoa Pancakes. Holy Crap. Amazing!


And what cleanse would be good without vodka? It's the liquor for skinny girls, right?
Looking forward to making these Strawberry Peach Vodka Peach Collins Popsicles

Friday, May 17, 2013

Client Work: The Process - Mockup to Finished Product

    I recently finished up a job for a client who wanted a special piece for her den that reminded her of the orchard grove on her parent's land as well as a piece that would blend with her existing colors. I visited her home, measured her walls, took notes on her color palettes, and took pictures of the space in which her painting was to go. We then went back and forth over email with several mockups to arrive at the perfect painting for her space. In the emails,  I mocked up what the paintings would look like using pictures of her mantle and the images of the mockups that I completed for her. Here is an example of the final version mocked up on her mantle.

   Lissa wanted the canvas framed out in gold for a simple, yet classic and elegant finish to her piece. Below is the final version in Lissa's Den.  We were so excited to see her completed version up on her wall! Thanks, Lissa for a wonderful experience and an opportunity to have a piece in your lovely home! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Throw Back Thursday: First Show From Way Back When...

 I was flipping through some old pictures this week and came across this old gem. My friend Morgan got me my first show my senior year in high school at her dad's salon. I was in a very deep and intuitive phase in my journey as a budding little artist, I look back on this and laugh. David laughed really hard and made sure that my hoity toity use of Italian script was duly noted, namely the overuse of the word "bella." At the time, I thought I had arrived, but am so thankful that growth happens and that I have little reminders like this that we don't stay the same!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wall Galleries and Using Small Paintings in Groupings

Layering different sizes of coordinating small paintings. Featured paintings: "Gravitas" 6"x 6" $47.50 & "Prosecco Pesche" 12" x 12" $95 

Groupings and Wall galleries are all the rage these days and I've had loadsa fun this morning playing around with different vignettes for these new mini and small paintings! The possibilities are endless. Because of our small house and my ADD, I tend to rearrange my decor from one minute to the next, and because of their sizes, these paintings are easily moved from bookshelf to wall to console when you need a little change. These also make great gifts for the mother (this Mother's Day Sunday, perhaps?) or for yourself!! They are moving fast today in the online shop as people are grabbing them up for the big day- don't miss out on yours!!

Gallery walls are all the rage these days- this one was really fun to play with adding my favorite Yeehaw print with some paintings and pictures. Featured paintings:
"Caldo e Berlo Seduto" (literal Italian translation, "served best hot and while seated") 12" x 12" $95,
Sorento, 12" x 12" $95  | "Santanna" 6"x6" $47.50  |  "Contradiction"  6" x 6" $47.50

Bookshelf grouping with the vase that inspired the color palette for this painting! Featured painting: Granita: 12" x 12" $95

Mini painting "Nan" in a console vignette   "Nan" 6"x 6" $47.50

A small little landing makes a perfect spot for a tiny piece, "Gravitas" 6"x 6" $47.50

Playing around with different gallery options for wall arrangements. Paired with "Serenity Now," These little paintings make quite a big splash! Purchase paintings online:

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Small Paintings!!

***** Update!! They're UP!!! - New 6" x 6" paintings at $47.50 and some fresh new 12" x 12"s at $95 are the perfect size and price for a special Mother's Day gift!! Purchase yours today- they are going fast!! Purchase on my online shop:

All new!! 6" x 6" mini paintings just in time for Mother's Day will be on the website by 3:30 pm CST this afternoon!!! The beauty of these little ladies? They are only $47.50 and $5.00 shipping if you order by Wednesday. Don't miss out on the perfect gift for mom!! Get yours today!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

YOU get when you GIVE! A Mother/Daughter Special!

   Mailing list members get a pretty special gift this year for Mothers Day. A $50 gift card can be yours when you spend $250 or more on mom...or yourself... Make sure you're on the mailing list to get the code to ensure your special gift! You'll probably want to make sure that mom is on the list too so she can pick her favorite painting... Email goes out Friday May 3rd at noon. 

Join up!