Friday, November 8, 2013

Casual Friday: Open House Attire

Open house day! Comfortable and cute is the mantra for a day on the feet and this is my outfit inspiration. I somehow need these shoes to appear in my closet tonight- they are way too rad and comfy looking!  Maybe the elves will make this happen...  Come on by Palladio's Christmas Open House today and tomorrow from 10-5. I'd love to say hey!
                                       Palladio Antiques: 2169 Central Ave, Memphis TN


  1. you have such amazing work! I am so glad I found your blog! totally following and can't wait to see more
    xo Jessica

    1. Jessica- I just discovered YOUR blog and work a few days ago! What a small world!! Thanks so much for the comment- hope we can stay connected!!

  2. Ha! The photo on the right is the sister of a friend from college! They grew up near my city! Melissa Hoekstra;)