Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Custom Artwork: Abstract Cotton Field

Ashley and her family live in one of my favorite houses in Memphis and I love the fact that they get the rare opportunity to live in what was her husband's grandmother's house in historic midtown. Ashley is getting a great-room makeover and I was excited to get the call to be included on this project. She wanted a piece that was both calm and colorful and one that included the imagery of a cotton field. I worked on several mockups to get this just right and was excited to land on this composition. Bold blue hues and an abstract cotton field were just the right touch for her over-the-mantle focal piece. We made sure that it was large enough for her to be able to move it over her sofa if she wanted to mix up her wall decor. I do love a good versatile piece! Thank you, Ashley, for the lovely experience and the opportunity to be a part of your space!

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