Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Mornings: Hot Artist Studio Spaces

Love this gorgeous home studio full of light and neutral wall and floor coverings.
With the house sold, our move well on the way, and the new house hunt in full swing, studio space has been well on my mind. We're looking for a place abundant with light and transformable into a spacious area for artwork. These are a few of my favorite artitst's spaces that I'd love to emulate:

This space is intoxicatingly beautiful. The paint cart is enviable.

Loving this architect's space for inspiration. It's a little dark, but love the modern wood paneling and huge table space. The partitions are killer awesome for displaying huge pieces gallery style.  

This studio space belongs to one of my all-time favorite modern artists, Michele Armas. She was kind enough to let me peek in a while back and chat for a while when I was in Atlanta. It's so spacious, so clean and neat and fresh- so unlike what one would attribute to an artist's space. I could sit here all day and soak up her beautiful paintings!

Gerhard Richter paints here. This is only one room of his vast studio space- the man has something like a warehouse that he works out of and is able to dedicate entire rooms for planning paintings to scale to fit with museum and gallery space. If you haven't seen the documentary about his workflow on Netflix, check it out. It's titled "Gerhard Richter Painting." His work ethic and flow is inspiring.  Maybe David and I just need to move into a warehouse...

And finally, the man himself, William De Kooning in his studio!!!!!! This might be my absolute favorite space. The vast height of the ceiling, the wall of windows. Yes, I need to work in this space forever. 


  1. We need a serious catch up session! Your mom/Kate told me you were pretty decided on a house. Guess it didn't work out? :-( Hoping you find a beautiful space for your beautiful art!

    1. Em, we so need to catch up! We had a crazy run with a house that fell through at the last minute!