Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Mornings: Weekend Reminiscing

This was our view this weekend as we spent two whole days lounging about with the fam. It was so refreshing to turn off the brain, read magazines, and laugh about really dumb stuff together. Oh, and eat ice cream cones. I don't often give myself permission to eat junk and I enjoyed every bite of my hard shell crusted cones. Sleeping in, no sunburn, boat time. The perfect little getaway before the August storm of the school year for David, moving, and upcoming shows. Lovely little lake, you were good for the soul! 


  1. Did you ring any bells?! This made me reminisce of our lake adventures. Proud of you for staying burn-free :D

    1. I rang precisely 3 bells this weekend :). I thought of you and Mel and your killer skiing skills while we were on the boat. We need a lake outing stat!!