Monday, July 8, 2013


It's been a wild few weeks! Travel time, putting our house on the market, siblings home from all over the world. Here's a brief recap.

While this guy was in Italy (poor David, eating all that gelatto and seeing all that art) last week, my sister Kate, and I were road tripping to VA Beach for a weekend wedding!  Road trips are always full of unexpected surprises, twists and turns in the road, conflict, resolution, walking down memory lane, and making new memories, and this was our first together! Ladies and gents, I must confess, this was my first adult beach trip.  By adult I mean a ritualistic application of sunscreen and napping under huge umbrellas instead of frying in the sand because I have found SUN SPOTS on my chest!  I have finally learned that a gal with some serious English roots cannot lay out like the Brazillian ladies. Dangit.

The Biltmore was a stop along the way. Wowsa. George Biltmore, you're my kinda man. I couldn't find a way to convince the staff that I was lady Edith and I was supposed to stay in the house after closing time...

We made a few food stops. Our favorite places were in Asheville: Chai Pani for some of the best Indian Street food this lady has ever had and Tupelo Honey, hailing to our Southern roots. Happy belly fo sho.

Aaaaaaaaand, then we came home to this. The brother is home from circus work in Japan and apparently missed the classier side of American culture. He and David spent the 4th trying to out redneck each other. Sky's out, thighs out, folks. It's gonna be a great July. 

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