Wednesday, July 17, 2013

His-n-Her Coffee Break

David and I had a little business meeting last week at Cafe Eclectic and I snapped a quick photo of our coffees that were delivered which are quite the reflection of our individuality. Is there sugar in syrup, then yes, David loves it. Always. The more the better, hence the whipped cream loaded beverage. I really enjoy a good espresso, roasted to perfection. My beverage of choice is always, without hesitation, a latte. I learned to love espresso on trips to Italy many moons ago and that frothy steamed milk pairs so nicely with it that they must always coincide in my mug. So here's to different taste buds and view points and to my handsome other half who sweetens each of my days, offers me a fresh look on each situation, and softens my tart side.  I think we make quite a good pair.