Thursday, July 11, 2013

Customize a Size Online!

Did you know that you can pick your favorite small painting on the website and select a size to fit your space? One commission* is available per small painting in a larger standard size:

16" x 20" $250 
20" x 20" $350 
20" x 24" $450 
20" X 30", 24"x30" $525 
24" x 36", 30" x30" $610 
30" x 40", 36" x 36" $750 
36" x 48" $850 
36" x 60" $1100 
48" x 60" $1450

*The intent of these smaller paintings is to cast a vision for larger commissioned pieces so that customers can customize an original piece to their desired size. In order to keep each piece unique, I sell one mini version and one larger version to the standard size of your choice. Once a larger size is commissioned, only the mini version will be for sale. Another painting can then be commissioned in the same color scheme, just not the same design.

 If you are curious as to what size would look best in your space, email me a picture of your space and I will send you a digital rendering of the artwork on your wall. See the View on Your Wall feature for more details!  

Art is an investment and I take your purchasing decisions very seriously!  What I love about what I am am able to do for my clients is offer an extensive mockup/ visualization process so that you get the painting that is perfect for your space. There's no wasted time running around town buying and returning artwork that doesn't work for you, and it removes all the guesswork of "Will this work on my wall?"

Have your eye on a piece? Email me and we'll come up with the perfect artwork for your walls! 

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