Wednesday, July 10, 2013

15 Candles...

On our road trip last week, we stopped in an Urban Outfitter in Asheville and in savvy shopper fashion, headed straight to the clearance rack. What to my wondering eyes did see? 15 lovely candles almost for free! They were $1 each. So I bought them all. The hipster kid working the register gave me the eyebrow and asked why I needed all of these. I eyebrowed him back and asked him why I wouldn't need all 15 of them. Geesh. Fortunately, albeit poorly marketed in name, these don't smell like an actual mustache, but what we would hope a 'stache would be- fresh and clean. These bad boys are making my house smell real darn good and I've got about a year before I candle shop again. Boom. All hail the Outfitters; mustaches and all...

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  1. Hillary!!

    Just catching up with some reading, and literally just died of laughter. Just a few weeks ago, I wiped out the Urban here of these divine candles too! 6 for me! These are great!