Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wall Galleries and Using Small Paintings in Groupings

Layering different sizes of coordinating small paintings. Featured paintings: "Gravitas" 6"x 6" $47.50 & "Prosecco Pesche" 12" x 12" $95 

Groupings and Wall galleries are all the rage these days and I've had loadsa fun this morning playing around with different vignettes for these new mini and small paintings! The possibilities are endless. Because of our small house and my ADD, I tend to rearrange my decor from one minute to the next, and because of their sizes, these paintings are easily moved from bookshelf to wall to console when you need a little change. These also make great gifts for the mother (this Mother's Day Sunday, perhaps?) or for yourself!! They are moving fast today in the online shop as people are grabbing them up for the big day- don't miss out on yours!!

Gallery walls are all the rage these days- this one was really fun to play with adding my favorite Yeehaw print with some paintings and pictures. Featured paintings:
"Caldo e Berlo Seduto" (literal Italian translation, "served best hot and while seated") 12" x 12" $95,
Sorento, 12" x 12" $95  | "Santanna" 6"x6" $47.50  |  "Contradiction"  6" x 6" $47.50

Bookshelf grouping with the vase that inspired the color palette for this painting! Featured painting: Granita: 12" x 12" $95

Mini painting "Nan" in a console vignette   "Nan" 6"x 6" $47.50

A small little landing makes a perfect spot for a tiny piece, "Gravitas" 6"x 6" $47.50

Playing around with different gallery options for wall arrangements. Paired with "Serenity Now," These little paintings make quite a big splash! Purchase paintings online:

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