Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Cleanse

Spring is always a nutty season for us with David's teaching and coaching schedule and art festival season in full swing. We've also been on the road more weekends lately than we're used to and I. feel. gross. Too much fast food and meals that "will do" to carry us over to the next event is getting old. My friend, Melissa, introduced me to some cleansing smoothies and I am feeling like a champ after I drink these. Wheat grass, berries, fresh ginger, turmeric, plain, fat-free yogurt, cinnamon, and honey go in the blender in the morning. Be careful on the ginger and turmeric- I over did it this morning and it got a little intense going down...

Here are a few recipes that are in my repertoire for this summer. I can't wait to start making these! 
( these are all pinned on my food boards on Pinterest, if you're interested in more healthy food options this summer)

One of my FAVORITE health food blogs of all times is Sprouted Kitchen.  It always inspires me to put clean food in my body and looks so beautiful as well. Sarah put together a great post on healthy travel food. I have a road trip this summer with my sister and I am definitely planning ahead to pack food like this so I don't undo all of this cleansing!

Paleo crab cakes. We love seafood around here and if I can eat the whole pan of these for dinner and feel good about it, give it to me! 

I'm not a huge meat lover, but this makes me want to eat more chicken. Chicken Escalopes with Olive, Caper, & Tomato Dressing.

I cannot wait to get these in my belly for breakfast- Coconut Almond Quinoa Pancakes. Holy Crap. Amazing!


And what cleanse would be good without vodka? It's the liquor for skinny girls, right?
Looking forward to making these Strawberry Peach Vodka Peach Collins Popsicles


  1. I would welcome your crab cake tips!! Every time I've tried to make "cakes" of any kind, it's been a disaster.

  2. Brens, I am still working on perfecting the crab cakes myself.... I'll let you know how these turn out!

  3. Mel got Joe & me started on the wheatgrass too! I'm still trying to get use to the nasty flavor ;P Heehee...I have to hold my nose when I drink it!