Friday, May 17, 2013

Client Work: The Process - Mockup to Finished Product

    I recently finished up a job for a client who wanted a special piece for her den that reminded her of the orchard grove on her parent's land as well as a piece that would blend with her existing colors. I visited her home, measured her walls, took notes on her color palettes, and took pictures of the space in which her painting was to go. We then went back and forth over email with several mockups to arrive at the perfect painting for her space. In the emails,  I mocked up what the paintings would look like using pictures of her mantle and the images of the mockups that I completed for her. Here is an example of the final version mocked up on her mantle.

   Lissa wanted the canvas framed out in gold for a simple, yet classic and elegant finish to her piece. Below is the final version in Lissa's Den.  We were so excited to see her completed version up on her wall! Thanks, Lissa for a wonderful experience and an opportunity to have a piece in your lovely home! 

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