Wednesday, April 10, 2013

View Your Favorite Painting on YOUR Wall!

New spring paintings are IN, y'all!!! A lot of art is poppin' up at Hillary Butler Fine Art! Check out the website to view it all! I'm also really excited to announce a new feature: View Before You Buy!! 

Ever curious as to what a painting would look like on your wall, but hesitant to buy it before you preview it? Worry no more! You can see an image of what your favorite painting will look like in your space before you buy it!! 


1. Pick a painting you'd like to preview in a space on the website  
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2. Email me a picture of your client's wall space and the painting you'd like to see in that setting

3. I send you a picture of the painting in the space!

Here are a few more examples for your imagination. Take out the guess work: See it on YOUR wall first! 
Featured painting: Great Plain (enlarged to show what a customized version could look like)

Featured painting: Seaside

Featured Painting: Orange Pippin

Original Image Credits:  White apartment Space | Orange triangle print entrance | Dark grey living room

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