Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Recharge Wednesday

I'm learning to find time to recharge in the ordinary moments of the day. I'm also starting to realize that I find myself connecting with my inner retiree more and more in my recharging rituals. Hmmmmm. I spent Sunday digging in the dirt- getting my getto flower beds to a semi- getto state with our lawn furniture strewn about to prevent a certain wandering canine from intruding. I got to spend some time last night hanging out with a friend watching our dogs play the selfish stick game and had some me time afterwards with some wine and the mosquitos. Note the ice cubes in the chard to chill the wine out of the box on my counter. Classy. I've been cleaning out shelves and closets and came across some old Print magazines from my graphic design days. I'm looking forward to thumbing through these again. And, I had to share- our tent signs came in for  Double Decker- we're feeling official!!!!!!!!! Recharge Wednesday- I'm liking this! 


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