Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Mornings: Looking for Color Palettes

Color. It makes or breaks a painting. I'm constantly on the hunt for new color palettes to work into paintings. I find it all around because I am constantly on the hunt looking for color in magazines, in a neighbor's landscaping on a walk, even a pattern on a friend's skirt. My friend, Kristi, walked into church with this hot palette on a few weeks ago and I cornered her to capture her colors.  

My latest inspiration, though, has come from my very own paint palette (first image above). I stumbled on these killer palettes completely by accident. My paint palette was gooping up and as I was scraping out the individual paint holders, I noticed that the layers of paint had left beautiful color layouts for me in perfect color proportion and all!  I've used these to guide my last round of paintings and I've loved the direction that is already set for me. I pick an old palette section and follow the color direction I already unknowingly set for myself. 

 New color combinations are out there and are probably hiding right under your nose in a very unlikely, yet seemingly obvious place. Color away! 



  1. I'm working on a new blog design and was just looking at color schemes, so this is very timely! :)

  2. ooooooh. Can't wait to see the new blog, Brens!!!!!!!!!