Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Mornings: Brunch!

Friday morning was a fun treat- brunching with my ladies. The non self-employed girls were off on the same day and we all gathered for our traditional pot-luck style feast. The baby wave has hit our group and the wee ones joined us this time. It's been so surreal watching my friends that I grew up with become moms and seeing a whole new side of them. If feels like yesterday we were all getting our drivers licenses and heading to the mall. When did we become adults???!!??  It is so wonderful to have deep roots with friends and walk with each other through the changing seasons of life and welcome new life into the group. I got to cuddle with the sweet Logan, taking full advantage of her need for nap time on my shoulder. This morning I'm reflecting on good times and great friends. We are so blessed! 

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