Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Bring Treats!

I had a lovely meeting with the interior design team at an architecture firm today to discuss custom artwork options and I brought along with me some lovely guests: Ms. Latte, Ms. Chai, Ms. Non-Fat Vanilla, and Ms. Mocha. They were the loveliest of friends with which to share our meeting. If your design team (team of one or many!) would like to talk custom artwork options, or if you are a decorator (decorator of your home or professional), I'd love to talk custom artwork options with you at your home or office, or you can swing on by my home studio to see what's cookin' over here. I bring lovely treats to meetings including fun surprises in my business card packets. Have a decorator friend who you think would enjoy a meeting? Email them a link to this post or shoot me their email address {butler.hillary(at)}. Here's to sippin' on you, Ms. Latte...


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