Monday, February 25, 2013

Hot Colors from 2013 Oscars

Color, color, color- I'm dreaming in color and searching for color palettes everywhere as I crank out new paintings for Double Decker. The Oscars last night gave tons of inspiration for hot colors to paint as well as a very entertaining evening watching Seth MacFarlane tank over and over again... Where's that old shepherd's hook for bad performances???  Hollywood ladies, you redeemed the night and took the stage last night, not only with recognition of your amazing performances this year, but with the outstanding display of classic beauty in your dress choices. I oogled over so many gorgeous Oscar gowns last night and could not help but notice an overwhelming simplicity of color palettes among the top dresses. Tangerine is far from over as seen by the many shades worn last night, and neutrals took over from there. So many whites, golds, and metallics were on display- I absolutely cannot choose a favorite. And while I was seething with jealousy over your beautiful colors and perfect figures, I was comforted to hear an actress confess that she felt like her insides were about to explode out of her. Catharsis, my friends. Catharsis. Ladies, thank you for some gorgeous Oscar fashion inspiration and we all rejoice with you that you can let your industrial spanks loose and eat a few Doritos today... 

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