Monday, January 7, 2013

New Memories for a New Year

 I'm back in full swing after a long over-due Christmas break. I took off the two weeks that coincided with David's break and the days were so full of memories made with family and friends who both drove across town and came across the sea to celebrate with us. Christmas decorations finally came down this weekend and this was the first year that I've been chomping at the bit to clear the festive fluff and start afresh with a clean house and a clutter free space. The fridge got a once over too as I took down most of the invitations and pictures from 2012 that were cluttering it. It was fun to go through all the pieces that represent all of the  memories that have filled it: birth announcements, party invitations, race bibs, and movie tickets. I reflect on another beautiful year that we have shared together with so many lovely people. I clear this pile of goodies and add it to my memory box. Now the fridge awaits what's new in 2013...

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