Friday, January 18, 2013

How to Incorporate Emerald into Existing Colors

 Pantone landed on emerald for this year because it is "Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony." What a gorgeous color for any space, but how does one go about incorporating a new color of the year into an already planned color scheme? If you're someone who likes change and likes to stay on trend, don't be discouraged when a new color emerges that you'd like to see in your space- there's always wiggle room to make it compliment your current color palette and decorating persona.

For the neutral home: Neutrals are all the rage these days, allowing for playful pops of color to be added here and there to dramatically change the look of the room without disrupting the entire color scheme. I love the deep emerald curtains against the dark grey walls and white furniture in the top right picture. It's clean and chic and spot on color trend. Emerald on white is quite stunning- green is such a clean color- white is such a natural color combination for a color trend pairing. Play around with different hues of the same color with a neutral color palette to keep it clean and allow your bold colors to stand out.

For the bold decorator: Another option would be to pair a trending color with a complimentary color (one opposite it on a color wheel). The jewel tones of the magenta against the dark emerald green give the room an elegance and hint of playfulness without feeling like a rainbow exploded in there. If you're thinking about using other colors to pair with your complimentary colors, it's god to stay in the neutral range, like the navy blue throw on the bed above. It adds variety without distracting from the main color combo.

For the traditionalist: If you aren't feeling up to pairing bold colors together, another color strategy would be to keep the colors in a similar family such as pairing emeralds and yellows/gold, especially if your palette is more traditional. This keeps your colors soft and warm and on trend without having to step too far out on a limb. 

For more ideas and inspiration on adding emerald to your current space, check out my Emerald board on Facebook.

How are you incorporating emerald into your home this year? I'd love to see pictures !

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