Friday, November 30, 2012

New Digs!

 My office has been looking a bit drab and in need of some freshening. After the show, I had a bit of time to devote to some office sprucing! Winter blues hit me pretty bad this time of year and with limited hours of sunlight, I wanted to bring in as much natural light as possible and fupdate the look of the space.  First, the dark suede walls had to go- it was a great color, but terrible for reflection of light.  Instant transformation occurred when the walls got a fresh coat of light grey. No more shadowy corners!  I replaced an over-sized captain's lamp on my desk with two smaller Hollywood Regency-styled beauties (found at Lowes!), and found a bold chevron pillow from T J Maxx to liven up my  green velvet chair.  I had previously stashed away a director's chair (also from the Maxx) that I decided to pull out for the makeover. The transformation was astounding! David poked his head in after all was in order and announced that the room was "hot." Success!  I'm flyin' high with all this new light and maybe a little from the leftover paint fumes... 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Morning Indulgence: Oversized Artwork

My office got a makeover this weekend and while I'm in the decorating mood, I've been browsing around looking for dramatic touches to wall space. I get overly excited when I see a room with an over-sized piece of art expanding the walls because, well, it's just fun. Anything from an enlarged photo to a sneaker print can liven up any space and add a flair of whimsy even to the simplest of spaces. One of my very favorite pieces from above is the Puma sneaker print in Ellen Degeneres' dining room. I love the contrast between the rustic traditional furniture with the modern piece on the wall. Anyone putting up over-sized art work on your walls?  Share!

Image credits: Architectural Digest  | Martha Stewart Kevin Sharkey Home Tour  |  Bob Dylan over-sized print in Elle Decor | Ellen Degeneres Home Tour Architectural Digest | Liza Minelli Print via Aparment Therapy

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Morning Indulgence: Heart for Tart!

It's Thanksgiving week and I couldn't be more excited!! I get really excited about going to the grocery store this time of year. It's just such a great excuse to throw indulgent items into my cart and get ready to turn the Butler kitchen into a holiday bakery and send David into a diabetic coma...  I also get really excited about tarts this time of year. OK, this is my first year to get excited about tarts because I finally learned how to make them, but that's beside the point...
 Yesterday evening was spent baking some of my fall favorites for a little gathering tonight and my new favorite Brown Sugar Cranberry Tart from Food and Wine was one of the featured baked goods.
Y'all. You have to try this. It's pretty much a life changer and needs to be on your Thanksgiving table. Seriously. There may have been a mini tart made for my breakfast today...
Can't wait to dig into this tonight!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

'Tis the Season for ... ART!

Drum roll, please! Below are all of the paintings that are featured in my show, "Near and Far." These paintings here just in time for Christmas and are priced for every budget!  The pieces are for sale at Gallery 1091 at WKNO until November 30th and then will be available for purchase in my shop.

Contact me for purchasing info (butler.hillary(at)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Show Time! WKNO Art Show

I was out sick last week and finally got around to sorting these yesterday. I had a great time reliving some show memories and all the sweet folks who came out to take part. I woke up the morning of the show terribly ill- sicker than I've been in a while. I managed to pull it together (make up is a beautiful thing...), have a great time at the show, and then pass out on the couch afterwards with pizza and hot tea. Here are some highlights from the show. See a painting you like in the background? I'm posting all available paintings tomorrow- stay tuned! 

David shakin' hands and kissin' babies...

One of my favorite babies

The dot: SOLD!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Morning Indulgence: Favorite Fall Wardrobe Pieces

Is it just me or do the Mondays come quicker and quicker around holiday season? This past week absolutely flew by. I took off last week to recover from art festival season and the art show and it was such a wonderful reprieve from the hectic schedule we had been keeping. Today I'm back to share with you my favorite new indulgence: a new outfit for the show (show pics coming soon!). I found both of these pieces at the one and only Ann Taylor Loft.  I may have had this hanging on my closet door all week just because it's so dad-gum cute. I'm looking forward to mixing and matching these pieces as the weather gets crisper!!