Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Provence-Inspired Fall Table for Show Reception

The show is only four days away and I am now in the reception planning frenzy! I'm gleaning my inspiration from Provence as many of the churches that will be in the show are from France. I've been feasting my eyes on this idea board and getting ready to feast on some provincial eats on Sunday!

Happy Halloween, Y'all!

Happy Halloween!! Hope this is a fun-filled day full of more treats than tricks! I'm wearing my very favorite studded skull shirt today in honor of today's festivities and am off to grab some candy for the little peeps who come knocking tonight. I leave you with a few of my favorite recent skull finds for the perfect spooky accruments for a little Hallowed get together. Happy Halloween-ing!   

DIY Halloween Party via Lovely Indeed  | Vintage Skull Poster | His-n-Hers Skull Shot Glasses | Damien Hirst Diamond Studded Skull |

Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting Ready for the Show!

 Art Show time is around the corner!! Next weekend is the big debut at WKNO- Sunday, November 4th 2-4 pm (address here). I'm finishing up some last minute touches and getting ready to hang my artwork! Priced in different ranges, the show is also just in time for early Christmas shopping if you're looking for a piece for that special someone... Come on down and take a peek next weekend!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Morning Indulgence: Brownies for Breakfast

It was a doozy of a week last Friday and we had a busy weekend ahead showing art at the Broad Street Art Walk, so I did what I must- I made brownies. It was probably the best decision I made all week and an even better decision was to eat these bad boys for breakfast (stop reading, mom. you did raise me better than this). I froze them to discourage myself from eating the entire pan in one sitting, and I made an amazing discovery. They are so soft and chewy that they won't even freeze all the way, making these a perfect cold treat for this dadgum warm spell we're experiencing. We snacked on these this weekend and I am convinced that this new breakfast trick was the secret to a successful weekend, that or it's my new kryptonite. Either way, they're amazing. They take 10 minutes to make and may turn a nasty Monday into a fabby Monday. Happy Monday and enjoy! 

Image Credit

Friday, October 19, 2012

Behind the Art of the Music: featuring Myla Smith

Soooo, I am really excited to finally get to share the inner workings of a project that started this summer. A very good friend and musician extraordinaire of mine, Myla Smith, asked me to do the artwork for her newly released album, "Drugs." She wanted to release it this fall, so we got to working immediately, and came up with such a great album design.
We went through two different concepts before we arrived at the final version and there was so much fun art that didn't make the final cut, that I just had to share some sneak peeks.
These are the initial concepts that I sketched out after a huge pow wow session on the direction of her album art. The "Drugs" album focuses on the many coping mechanisms we are drawn towards to hide our emptiness instead of dealing with our issues- the drugs we all abuse from time to time: money, sex, business, alcohol, you name it. In keeping with this deep concept, she wanted the artwork to have a light and airy feel to and stay away from dark imagery. Here's where the fun began. In the brainstorm process, I came up with three different scenarios for the cover to quickly picture addiction- a subway with passengers reading about their drugs of choice, an old fashioned drug store with customers drinking their drugs, and our modern day drug store, a coffee shop, in which customers wait in line and at tables showing us their addictive habits. We ended up going the direction of the coffee shop to illustrate best the different drugs represented in her album. And here is the final illustrated version of the coffee shop drug store album artwork.
 Ahhhhh! It was so fun to create each personality! I sat in a coffee shop one afternoon and studied  people coming and going for some ideas. Some of these characters are based on real people I saw in the shop (no one brought a flask in to my knowledge...).  We were ready to hit the print button, when, enter phenomenal PR gal, Elizabeth Cawein of Signal Flow PR. She became Myla's publicist this summer and made a few changes to the direction of the cd. She loved the illustrated look,, but the inside panels had to be changed to add images of the lovely Mylas Smith. After a whirlwind photo shoot weekend for Myla, she sent me her images and they were added to the inside panels. We also changed the credits to an illustrated RX pad to keep in theme with the drugstore imagery. Below is our final version, which is available for purchase now!! Head to Myla's site to listen to a preview of her hit debut, "Slow Down" and if you love it as much as I do, you can purchase her new album on Amazon or Itunes.   

Friday, October 12, 2012

Guest Post: Flea Market Finds in Brooklyn

Image Credits: (left to right) Fall Table | Wingback Chairs & Fabric Finds | Lamps

Today's post comes to you from New York blogger Alexandra Jacobs. She offers her advice for perusing Brooklyn flea market finds for the perfect autumn touches for your home.
Follow her New Yorker lead into flea markets near you for some creative touches to your fall decor!

 Having an abundance of home decorating resources at your fingertips gives you a wealth
of ideas for creating interior decor that is tailored to your lifestyle and personality. When
decorating your home, you want to take some of the ideas you see and reinvent them to
complement your personality and design style. There's a good possibility that during the
process of reinventing ideas, you will come up with some magnificently awesome, totally unique
decor ideas of your own.

Autumn decor doesn't have to revolve around muted colors. An interior idea can be built around
bold, bright colors, such as orange- the ever popular autumn color. Pair an energizing orange with a dramatically deep purple and you have an excellent color palette around which to build your autumn design. Turquoise has gained popularity as an autumn color and choosing one or two amazing shades of green (like the sea foam green pictured below) is also a great beginning.

Image Credit

 Fortunately for design enthusiasts, autumn is the time of year when festivals abound. Stroll through some of the New York street fairs (or flea markets in your area) to find inspiration for decorating a home for fall. You will quickly see that brilliant colors are quite appropriate for fall decor. The art displayed at street festivals can ignite your own creativity. Don't be afraid to expound on design ideas displayed by artists at events such as the Dumbo Arts Festival.

Spend some time seeking treasures at Brooklyn flea markets and stoop sales to find items that
are just waiting for you to come and unleash your creativity. In Brooklyn, residents stroll several flea
markets weekly. To name a couple popular ones, Fort Greene Flea along Lafayette Ave is held
every Saturday through November. In addition the Williamsburg Flea Market, along the East
River front, is held each Sunday allowing residents to make a weekend out of collecting. Be
sure to check out the Brooklyn Flea Market site for more inspiring places to stroll in the

Decor in New York features trend-setting designs, which offers an abundance of inspiration for original design seekers at these flea markets. You may see a DIY project involving the restoration of vintage items to use as home decor and immediately think of yet another way to re-purpose that same item. Vintage mirrors and picture frames can
easily be painted to complement your decor. Autumn themed pictures can be displayed in
them. And as a bonus, when seasons change, you can change the pictures to coordinate with your frames.

Paint can transform almost any second hand find. If you fall in love with a unique accent table that has seen some use and abuse, buy it, paint it and proudly include it in your decor. Stay in high alert mode at a flea market. You never know what you will find. Vases are generally a good investment.
You can add arrangements to theme to coincide with each season. Feathers, seed pods, dried
grass and fall flowers make a wonderful table display.

These goodies are just waiting for a good eye and chic touch of some new paint and upholstery. Image credit 

When so many great ideas abound, the one thing I like to keep in mind when decorating an apartment or home for any season is to keep the decor simple. Choose a few new autumn touches and
tuck them in to your decor to avoid clutter.
It's the perfect weather and time of year to get a move on autumn inspiration and you might be surprised at how much there is to be found at your local flea market! 
Alexandra is a travel enthusiast who loves to write about fashion, beaches, food, and the
wonderful things in the world. She provides her own insights on vacationing to the blogosphere. Learn more about her and follow her on Twitter @alexsjourneys or visit her blog,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ultimate Standard for the Cheese Platter

So I missed posting a Monday Morning Inspiration this week, so to make up for it, here is a little inspiration for your Tuesday morning. May I present the ultimate standard for the cheese platter.  I have no idea how this could be topped. I was enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon sipping on a glass of wine and found flipping through my latest Food and Wine issue and came across this and I stopped breathing. Kind of. This was featured in a ranch-style Thanksgiving spread set on a vineyard in California wine country (envy, hold back!) abounding with produce and wine from the ranch and now I've got harvest season on the brain big time.  I actually just want to sit on the ranch at eat all of this, but will have to settle for my white cheddar and apples this morning. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

November 4th Show -Sneak Peeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I would like to extend an invitation to all to come and see my new collection that will be on display and for sale on Sunday, November 4th from 2-4 pm at WKNO in Cordova, TN.
Come one, come all- hope to see you there!

I'm also excited to present a few sneak peeks of some the show pieces on this lovely Wednesday morning!! I'm pretty pumped about this show- as an Art History minor, I finally get to paint some of my favorite lovely ladies that have been swimming in my head for years now, namely Chartres Cathedral (tip top ptg).  I've wanted to commit Chartres to canvas for around 10 years now, and it was a beautiful day when that painting came together. 

As I was brainstorming on this series, I realized that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to paint some of the gorgeous beauties here in our own city, being that an old nick-name of Memphis is the "City of 1,000 Churches."
(Any Memphians recognize the Church on the very bottom?) 

Stay tuned for a few more sneak peeks as the show draws near!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Rainy Day Treats on a Monday Morning

I love a good rainy Monday morning. I pine less to be outside and buckle down to get some work done. And... it's always a good excuse for tea time, second breakfast, a morning treat- whatever you wish to call eating madeleines at 11 am. I was the proud recipient of a madeleine pan for Christmas this past year, and have been making my fair share of them lately. I love eating them because one has to slow down and savor each bite and really enjoy a break in the work day. Here's my favorite recipe- enjoy!