Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Paintings at Chestnut Hall Interiors!

 "The Evelyn" 20 x 30 on gallery wrapped canvas.

I wanted to share a bit of the inspiration process behind a painting.  "The Evelyn" was inspired by an amazing shot that I discovered on The Satorialist. I was immediately enraptured by the contrasting color palette. I've been busting out of my usual color schemes and this navy sweater and pops of blush and hunter green caught my eye and demanded to be thrown on the canvas. To the lovely lady who stepped outside looking ravishing in pink and navy, thank you for some inspiration!

I've been dabbling with pinks and oranges on this collection. Pantone would be so proud of me.
All of the paintings in this post have been recently released at Chestnut Halls Interiors for purchase.

Which one is your favorite??

 "Solarium"    20 x 30 on gallery wrapped canvas.
Pops of contrasting tango and whites for a splash of a piece.

"Soliloquy" 20 x 30 on gallery wrapped canvas.

Poppies are all the rage at our house this spring. I need a turquoise vase of them on my desk.

" Tango Maureen" 
30 x 40 on gallery wrapped canvas.

The first thing I did for this painting was throw massive amounts of deep orange on the canvas and the rest literally just happened. I just love it when a painting pulls itself together without tears and anguish.
 "Splendor" 30 x 40 on gallery wrapped canvas.
If there ever were a place of true splendor in the grass, I think this would be it.

 "Walden" 30 x 40 on gallery wrapped canvas.
This is my Walden Pond, where I mentally go to recharge amongst chartreuse lily pads and salmon duckweed. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Colorado Part II

Some more sites and scenery from the fabulous Colorado. We took advantage of the crazy micro climates that Colorado has to offer. One day in the snow, another in the prairie- nuts!

Above pictures:

Golden Bee in Colorado Springs- a great little piano bar (yes, we were handed song books when we sat down) that Joel and Whit love to frequent (3 cheers for the cheese dip!) | Cathedral at the Air Force Academy where David got to catch up with a former student ( almost there, Kipp!). 

Some road trip sites and world's largest plate of french toast.

Snow hiking on Sunday was probably our favorite event, since neither David or I had ever hiked in the snow before.

Wilderness hike at the Air Force Academy.

Skiing at  Loveland. We all walked away injury free...

A hundred thanks to Joel and Whit for a great trip- they showed us such a great Colorado time. We'll see you next spring break!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Colorado- Part 1

David and I just returned from an incredible week in Colorado visiting his brother and to our surprise, Memphis had sprung with spring while we were gone! It was a welcome sight to see so much green after being up north. During our week long hiatus, we hiked, skiied, explored, and ate our way through the mountains and plains of the beautiful state. It was such a welcome break from the hectic schedules back at home. I'm already missing it!

Run down of the above photos: Snooze Cafe and New Belgium Brewery in Ft. Collins. Snooze was my favorite eatery on the trip for it focused on brunch and also had fish tacos! I could have eaten there all day. We also took the New Belgium Brewery Tour (think Fat Tire!!) in FC. If you're ever in the area, it is definitely worth stopping through. This was a highlight of our trip and a funky business to explore. We sent a few postcards to friends back home and got to take home Colorado wildflower seeds that they passed out along the tour in honor of their spring brew "Dig."  Our absolute favorite beer that we tried was from their limited edition the Lips of Faith series:  "Biere de Mars." I think you can only get it at the brewery, but if you happen to see it in the stores this spring, you'd better get your hands on one!  More pics to come!

Monday Morning Indulgence: Personal Wine & Cheese Party

Good Morning, Monday. It's here. And if it's starting off to not be such a great Monday, there's still the hope that Monday night can rescue the day. If it's a promising day, this is an even better way to kick it off. For this Monday indulgence, grab a bottle of wine after work and some simple cheese plate accompaniments such as dried apricots, figs, and your favorite cheese. A few sprigs of rosemary add a relaxing fragrance to this unwinding ritual.

I would like to feature my absolute favorite wine in the whole world, Chateau Montelena. It won the 1976 Paris tasting and inspired the movie "Bottleshock." I had this at a fancy dinner party a few years ago and was blown away with the party that happened in my mouth. Unfortunately, this isn't a liquor store special, so it must be saved for a day in serious need of redemption or one that calls for great celebration (we plebeians can buy it here).  In honor of our upcoming five year wedding anniversary, David and I will be opening this bottle that I've been saving for some time now to remember one of the greatest days of our lives. Happy Monday, indeed! Cheers!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Color Crush: Inspiration from Interiors

Happy Friday, folks! I'd like to wrap up the week with some color inspiration that has been slapping me all over the face lately as I have been working on spring paintings. 
Warm hues have been directing my paintbrush along with dark bold accent colors for some serious color popping! Look at all the pink hues in this room that are pulled so effortlessly together with accents of green and chartreuse.
This lovely room was put together by none other than the lovely Anna Spiro, Interior Designer and owner of design shop "Black and Spiro" in Australia.  I love her fearless use of bold color, especially her pinks and strawberry reds. To see the rest of this house, look here

Crush, crush, crush!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Morning Indulgence: The Clutch

Nothing helps a week get off on the right start than feeling like I own Monday. I do enjoy a fabulous accessory to add a pop to an outfit and boost my confidence as I fearlessly enter the week. I recently splurged on an over sized clutch and have been proudly carrying it around town, pairing it perfectly with my workout clothes... On the off day that I am donning a great outfit to go long with, this clutch adds the perfect accessory to make my day a little brighter.

This lovely lady was recently scored at TJ Maxx, my favorite store for affordable splurges!

My clutch necessities include:

Burts Bees lip balm and hand salve | Minty gum (Trident is my all-time favorite- it has a little house for the gum to rest in |  A mini fragrance for emergency freshening- right now, it's Grace from Philosphy | My business cards and holder  (fabulous Etsy find) | and my phone with Polaroid decal for added daily amusement. 

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Swanky Loft Living- Hilary Swank Style

I always knew that Hilary Swank and I were destined for friendship, and now that I've seen the inside of her Manhattan home, I know it's meant to be. Not only do we share the same name, but apparently out color palettes are aligned and next thing you know, we'll be sipping lattes together in Maui. Our Memphis home is pretty small, and when I've felt discontent with the size, I just imagine that we live in a Manhattan loft and have luxurious amounts of space for New Yorkers. I now transpose myself into Hilary's apartment when I feel the walls closing in.  

Our homes are not without a few differences: the entire Swank apartment could probably hold 4 of the Butler residences, she looks out over the New York landscape, my view is the Memphis Greenline, she only has one "l" in her name... But I was excited to note some similarities. Her designer, Mark Zeff also chose a clean, neutral color palette with focuses on slate greys, whites, beiges, and hints of blues. He also picked up a few pieces at West Elm, a favorite resource of mine for home decor and ideas. Her guest room with the reclaimed barn wood walls would be a perfect fit for David's rustic flair.

Here are some images of the rest of our color palette similarities. See the article in Elle Decor for tips on where to find pieces like Ms. Swanks.   

     And I had to add this one. Her bedroom is the epitome of class and swank.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sneak Peek: Crazy for Color this Spring

Another sneak peek for spring collection! I'm crazy for dramatic color pairings this season- get ready for some huge pops of color and bold statement pieces! 

Monday Morning Indulgence: Cuppa Joe

I don't know if anyone would disagree that Monday mornings deserve a special treat.  It's a little harder to roll out of bed and and get hoppin' after coming off a great weekend, so I like to treat myself with this comforting incentive. I was dropping too much dough at Starbucks for lattes, so I decided to make my own at home. I make these for myself every day (ok, two most days) but on Monday, they're extra tasty as I start my week.  I like to use Illy espresso for a scintillating taste of Italy first thing in the morning. I use two shots of espresso and 3/4 mug of milk warmed in the microwave and froth the milk with my french press and then pour this over the espresso. Happy frothy Monday!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Artist Night Out

Last night, my sister and I hopped on over to the Brooks Museum Farmer's Mixer. The two of us are suckers for anything with the word "farmer" in it and this event did not leave us disappointed. Chef Andrew Adams of Acre and the Chubby Vegetarian pulled together this fabulous event. We really enjoyed sampling some delicious and creatively paired fare. I was enamored with the patterned naan bread and that spoon in the middle of the plate is resting in nothing shy of goat cheesecake in an egg cup, my dears.

We couldn't resist making our own vegetable-print tote bags. Kate used a carrot to make this pattern. A carrot!

 We finished off the evening with a speed tour of the new Armed and Dangerous exhibit  and were ushered out by the guards for lingering too long at the helmets at closing time...

Looking forward to more Brooks After Hours events!