Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tennessee Christmas

Painting featured: "Tango Maureen"

 Growing up listening to Amy Grant's "Tender Tennessee Christmas" kind of had an adverse effect on me- it really made me wish we had those snow covered roofs in Colorado. I couldn't understand Amy's love for a state that held so few signs that winter happened. I wanted my snow men- my snow cream- snow boots! What I  didn't know was that kids still had to go to school on snow days. What???? People emerged out of their homes-turned-snow forts with all their stock piles of milk and bread and went on with life as usual?   They weren't scared out of their minds to drive on an inch of snow and potential black ice? Eventually I learned that only in the South are snow machines a rare phenomenon and the rest of the US laughs at us TN bumpkins... Well, unless a Christmas miracle occurs this year, there probably won't be any snow on Christmas day or any other day this winter (thank you, climate change) but I'll take you, Tennessee. You're a pretty great place to be. You've made a true Southern woman out of me and I kinda like you. A lot. Merry Tennessee Christmas to you!!  

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful (as if I expected anything else from you!)! Merry Christmas, Butlers!