Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Show Time! WKNO Art Show

I was out sick last week and finally got around to sorting these yesterday. I had a great time reliving some show memories and all the sweet folks who came out to take part. I woke up the morning of the show terribly ill- sicker than I've been in a while. I managed to pull it together (make up is a beautiful thing...), have a great time at the show, and then pass out on the couch afterwards with pizza and hot tea. Here are some highlights from the show. See a painting you like in the background? I'm posting all available paintings tomorrow- stay tuned! 

David shakin' hands and kissin' babies...

One of my favorite babies

The dot: SOLD!


  1. You are truly fabulous! I can't believe you were so sick and looked so great! Stunning. And your art show was amazing! K and I (even P!) are really studying one...maybe it's still for sale? I'm making my Christmas list!

  2. Em, you are too kind!! Just posted all the new paintings for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!