Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Morning Indulgence: Oversized Artwork

My office got a makeover this weekend and while I'm in the decorating mood, I've been browsing around looking for dramatic touches to wall space. I get overly excited when I see a room with an over-sized piece of art expanding the walls because, well, it's just fun. Anything from an enlarged photo to a sneaker print can liven up any space and add a flair of whimsy even to the simplest of spaces. One of my very favorite pieces from above is the Puma sneaker print in Ellen Degeneres' dining room. I love the contrast between the rustic traditional furniture with the modern piece on the wall. Anyone putting up over-sized art work on your walls?  Share!

Image credits: Architectural Digest  | Martha Stewart Kevin Sharkey Home Tour  |  Bob Dylan over-sized print in Elle Decor | Ellen Degeneres Home Tour Architectural Digest | Liza Minelli Print via Aparment Therapy

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