Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Morning Indulgence: Heart for Tart!

It's Thanksgiving week and I couldn't be more excited!! I get really excited about going to the grocery store this time of year. It's just such a great excuse to throw indulgent items into my cart and get ready to turn the Butler kitchen into a holiday bakery and send David into a diabetic coma...  I also get really excited about tarts this time of year. OK, this is my first year to get excited about tarts because I finally learned how to make them, but that's beside the point...
 Yesterday evening was spent baking some of my fall favorites for a little gathering tonight and my new favorite Brown Sugar Cranberry Tart from Food and Wine was one of the featured baked goods.
Y'all. You have to try this. It's pretty much a life changer and needs to be on your Thanksgiving table. Seriously. There may have been a mini tart made for my breakfast today...
Can't wait to dig into this tonight!!

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