Friday, August 3, 2012

Behind the Art [ Show ]

This week has been full of prep for David's upcoming art show (shows throughout the month of August and the artist reception is Sunday, August 19th 2-4 pm). We spent Monday and Tuesday hanging and packaging prints and setting up at WKNO and the rest of this week working on show promotion. The adrenaline rush of a show is always a really fun time and it's so rewarding to see all of your hard work on the walls after so much preparation. I thought I'd spend today giving a sneak peek on the inner workings of an art show.

Step 1.) Paint like a fiend. Visit David's site for an inside view of his process:

Step 2.) Find someone kind enough to show your work & set a date. This is one of the longest pieces of the process and WKNO has astounded us with their gracious hospitality and generosity in using their space. More about them to follow!

Step 3.)  Weed through your work to find a show theme/ works you're most excited about showing.

Step 4. ) Start working on presentation. Since David works in watercolor, his work has to be framed. This is some tedious work! We must select frames, purchase supplies, and then spend many evenings parked in front of the Olymics framing. The framing process includes measuring & cutting mats, getting glass cut to perfectly fit the frames, putting it all together, backing the art, and adding hardware for hanging on the back. 

Step 5.) Haul it all to your show room and start hanging. This involves spacing out the art on the walls, measuring each piece to hang evenly, spacing out some more, and moving pieces around to achieve a feng shui aesthetic that compliments the art.

Step 6.) Hope your mass emails about the show have not hit everyone's spam filters and throw a big reception! This is definitely the most fun part- watching all of your hard work (cross fingers- hopefully) being enjoyed by others.

I do have to share this really funny video that was taken mid- show hanging. All I have to say is that when you hang out at a tv station, you never know what's gonna pop out behind you... be-were....


Hope y'all can make it out to the show- we're really looking forward to it!!!  Tune into 91.1 FM today at 3:30 pm to hear David talk about his art in a live radio interview or listen online here!



  1. First a frog, now a rat. You sure have a way with pesty creatures!

  2. That's a warewolf!!!! So creepy when it's behind you1