Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Peach Pickin'

It was hot. Blazing hot when David and I went peach picking last week, so we came up with our own drive by fruiting concept. What would be more perfect than a drive through orchard where you wouldn't have to leave your car ? Each summer we religiously make a pilgrimage to Jones Orchard in Millington, TN to pick bushels of peaches that I freeze and feast on the rest of the year. This specific trip was for peach lavender ice cream that my sister and I made for our Harry Potter watch party. The recipe came from Tartlette, one of my favorite foodie blogs. I didn't get a picture of our ice cream, but I did roast some peaches with lavender and honey and served them over fresh whipped cream for an afternoon treat. Hooooooly crap. I'm in love!!  PLEASE tell me you're a peach lover- any good peach treats I need to add to my repertoire?


  1. I made a peach upside down cake that was to die for!

  2. Brens, it's so easy and my house smelled like heaven!