Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Morning Indulgence: Spritzers to Beat the Heat

Hoooooooly Crap, it's hot. Stupid hot. My thoughts are constantly drifting to ways to beat this nasty weather and they usually end in something refreshing to drink. I've been pinning lotsa tasty beverages  for summer and I'd like to share some of my top favorites with you. I'm drawn to beverages with unlikely combinations and I'm a sure sucker for anything titled "herb infused." I've been trying to stay hydrated, so I've been skipping the booze and adding extra fizz with my club soda and diet tonic water which makes the perfect afternoon pick me up.  Grab you some club soda and make a fizzy concoction for the perfect Monday treat!!

Spritzer Recipes:   Strawberry Ginger Fizz | Blackberry Sage Cooler  | Lemon Thyme Soda | Cucumber Ginger Fizz

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