Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Morning Indulgence: The Little Things

We just returned from an extraordinarily refreshing weekend at David's family farm. This was my first visit in prime summer time to experience his childhood in rare form, and I was in heaven! We cooked out in the woods with the fam and afterwards David braved it in the tent with the nieces and nephews during a terrific thunderstorm (I was enjoying the perfectly good bed inside the perfectly dry house).  We picked blueberries, dominated an intense game of wiffle ball, and hiked to the beloved creek, aka going to war with an insane amount of ticks, mosquitos, and spider webs... I sat with my coffee and book on the back porch Sunday morning and reflected on how blessed we are to have such a special place to visit that is seeped with so many childhood memories and so many more memories yet to be made. My soul felt washed clean while I was enjoying the beauty of such simplicity and feeling so many years of love and labor poured into that land and home. This Monday, I am reflecting on the little things that make life so beautiful- the things that cannot be bought with any price- simplicity, thankfulness, family, creation, quiet times of rest, laughter, and taking these with me into the week. Happy, happy Monday, indeed!       

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