Friday, May 25, 2012

Inside Peek of Memphis Interior Decorator Morgan Armstrong's Home

Today's guest post comes from Morgan Armstrong, a long time friend and an interior designer with Fresh Perspective in Germantown Tennessee. Morgan has never ceased to amaze me with her hawk eye for a treasured piece and stunning design. One of my fondest hawk eye moments with Morgan took place in an antique store in a sleepy French village years ago where she and I discovered the most beautiful mint green 90 piece dish set and Morgan convinced me to bring it home in our suitcases. That's some serious friendship and an unwavering commitment to bringing home something special. Her home is a beautiful collection of pieces gathered from near and afar and I'm super jazzed for you to see an insider's peek at her gorgeous home. Take it away, Armstrong!

Thank you so much to the lovely and talented Hillary Butler for allowing me to guest post today! Hillary’s art is so inspirational to me and so beautiful that I absolutely had to own a piece for myself, which you’ll see featured. I’m Morgan Armstrong, I have an MS from University of Memphis in Residential Interior design and I’ll be featuring my own home to give you ideas for yours. Like many of you, much of my furniture has been passed down to me and reworked to for my style. Hopefully from walking through my home together you can take away a few inspirations of you own. Please feel free to visit my blog for more ideas:

Living Room Mirror:

This amazing custom mirror in Brazillian cherry is flanked by dupioni silk drapes that have to be a little shorter to accommodate the stair case. One chair, a bergere, and ottoman is done in an ivory microfiber used on a couch in the same room, which is easy to clean and a perfect place to curl up with a good book. It’s paired with a discount store chair that I actually recovered myself with my husband’s staple gun. The patina color (green/blue) is a great contrast to the ivory. Between the two chairs is a piece of art done myself which rests on the mirror. This is a risky, break-the-rules kind of move but it really paid off because I layered it with branches, books, and corals from my travels.

 Living Room:

Pulling an eclectic room together takes some finesse but can be done with careful editing. Here, I have twomismatched sofas one of which is from the 70’s, believe it or not. The 70’s hand-me-down was done in the same ivory microfiber as the bergere and ottoman and the other is in a super lush velvet. The rug is by Surya, the cocktail table by Viva Terra, and the green lily pad plates by Global Views. The pairing of the traditional olive couch with a more modern couch and cocktail table really keeps the room updated and gives the couch a contemporary spin.

Guest Bedroom:

The chocolate brown walls envelop a room of mostly white furniture. If you go with a super bold dark color on the walls, you’ll need to balance it with white or light colors. In most cases, the reverse is true, when you do super light walls, the contrast of dark furniture normally works well. The art in this guestroom is actually leftover wallpaper samples that were mounted to foam board at my local arts and crafts store. This is a great example of being creative on a budget and using unconventional or discarded items in a new way. 

 Master Bedroom:

In my master bedroom you’ll see a low headboard and a soft gray wall color that really complement the gorgeous art by Hillary called “Safe Harbor.” This artwork is the “magic” piece that ties the entire room, including the bedding seen here. I love crisp white bedding paired with silk pillows. The front pillow actually has an antique pin on it that adds a touch of glamour and formality to the space. The other pillows were actually made of fabric remnants with a different fabric on the back. This is a great way to splurge on a special fabric and save on the rest.

 Screened in Porch and Accent Fabrics:

One of my favorite rooms in my house is my screened in porch. While enjoying my wine, coffee, or
sweet tea with a great book, I realized that I’m far too prissy for bugs so we decided to screen it in! It
makes the outdoors much more soothing. Most of the time we want to bring the outdoors in but I really wanted to take the luxuries of the inside out. I’ve done fabric ottomans in a stunning Ikat fabric and gives my slightly faded outdoor furniture a boost and makes it look more purposeful. I placed a pattern called “Imperial Trellis” on the pillows, which is so beautiful that I might want to be buried in it! I’m addicted to these two fabrics-they absolutely make the porch super inviting.

 Here, a silver demilune table, that was once covered in a painted fruit motif, rests at the base of my
staircase. Many people would fill that small area with a table that fills the entire space but negative
space, or the space around an object, is needed in this case. The white trellis wood wall hanging was
painted and was once even hung vertically to make a full sized headboard in a bedroom. I absolutely
love the iron work banister and it was a huge selling feature when we purchased the house.

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you've gleaned a fresh idea or two to spruce up your space!

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