Friday, April 6, 2012

Memphis Designer Lauren Hulet: Effortless Room Styling with Layers

Today's post features another guest post: Memphis home stager and designer, Lauren Hulet  We have worked together on some custom art work for some of her clients and have quickly become good friends. She is a  lady of impeccable style and an eye that can spot a "diamond in the rough" consignment find a mile away. The first time I saw her home, I was incredibly envious of her effortlessly chic look. Her colors are so fresh with an air of whimsy. I could park it in her beautiful great room for a long morning coffee every day if she'd let me! So, without further ado, may I present Ms. Huelt! 

Hello! I’m so excited to be guest posting today! I wanted to share some (hopefully) helpful no-sweat ideas on how to successfully style your home. I thought I would use my home as an example. By going step-by-step and keeping it simple, you will get a fabulous result! This is the room you will be intimately getting to know: my great room.

First: Start with the style of your home and use that as the base(or first layer) for building your d├ęcor. Is your home mid-century? Is it a Craftsman style? By answering this question you will know how to enhance its natural design. My home is a mid-century style (built in 1956), so I steer clear of adding any structural elements that wouldn’t compliment this style. For example, when installing built-ins in my great room, I stuck with clean lines and a basic design…nothing too ornate.

Second: Invest in timeless, neutral foundations (or your second layer) that will withstand changing trends in color and style. For example, I chose a grey/beige wall color, cream couch, and an oatmeal carpet color. I went with a crisp white trim for all of the moldings and baseboards.

These neutrals allow me to interchange accessories as color trends come and go without breaking the budget on the bigger pieces. 

Third: Have a good mix of key furniture pieces that include antique and new (your third layer).  Try to have a piece in each room that reflects the time period of your home. The console at the back of the room was an antique thrift store find that I painted to give a new life!

Myside chair was a mid-century family piece that I updated by re-staining the wood and 

Fourth: Choose accent colors and try to place them throughout the house to create a sense of continuity. Use sites like pinterest to discover different color combinations and find your color style.  One of the color palates I like to pull from:

This is your final layer, so use accessories like pillows, drapery, art etc to express your color personality. These items are much easier to change out with trends (or your changing tastes) than big pieces. Create interest by layering different prints with similar color schemes to keep it from looking sloppy.


Make sure to balance your accessories using different textures and colors and combinations of old and new. Thrift stores and estate sales are great places to find old but fabulous pieces to add character to the room. Make sure to keep your color palate in mind when choosing accessories. These are the touches that will tie the entire room together.

Last thoughts: Don’t forget the detail of using a continuous color palate throughout your house. This is the final step in creating a pulled-together and perfectly styled look for your entire home.
Stick with the layering process and you will be well on your way to styling your home! Remember, start with your home’s basic style, layer with large, key pieces that are timeless, create a second layer of both antique and new, and create a final layer or color through accessories! 

{In love with Lauren's style as much as I am? Contact her for a consult! or... follow her on Pinterest!!

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