Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Morning Indulgence. Rasperry Crave

Today's Monday Morning Indulgence is a lovely guest post from my long time friend, Lindsey. Lindsey runs a blog, The Savvy Speechie where she dishes on her favorite fashion/interior/beauty finds. I've always been a fan of her stunningly effortless look and crazy confident demeanor. I am stoked to have her post today. I hope you indulge on this delicious color palette this fine Monday Morning! - H 

Oh, hello, little morning fruit. It’s me, Lindsey.  Lately, I’ve had this mini love affair with raspberries. Raspberries, you say? Yes. The love started a few weeks ago, by chance, when I needed  a  handful for a recipe.  And I’ve been obsessed ever since. There’s just something about raspberries-in their pint size tin, plump, blushing a deep rose. A bit more grown-up than pink, their color reminds me of a certain richness.  I feel a bit more womanly buying them. Someone who has a coy little secret.  Mmm..  those little boogers make me salivate. Quite the indulgence, indeed. And I’m not just swooning  over the berries themselves, it’s ALL things raspberry, my friend. Take a looksie at some of my faves (pictured above):

Anthropologie’s Gerbera Flats     |     Anthropologie’s Natalie One Piece

Coco Kelly featured raspberry drawing room palette.

Raspberry and Pear? Who knew fruits could look so chic??

Oh, Benetint from Benefit Cosmetics, you are the perfect lip and cheek stain!

The Sewing Book, found at Urban Outfitters.  Makes me dream about all the crafty-ness!

See what I mean? The next time you are at the store, grab a pint of those delicious berries- and one for me, too!


  1. Yeah, that bathing suit is amazing! Love this color... so rich!