Friday, March 9, 2012

Swanky Loft Living- Hilary Swank Style

I always knew that Hilary Swank and I were destined for friendship, and now that I've seen the inside of her Manhattan home, I know it's meant to be. Not only do we share the same name, but apparently out color palettes are aligned and next thing you know, we'll be sipping lattes together in Maui. Our Memphis home is pretty small, and when I've felt discontent with the size, I just imagine that we live in a Manhattan loft and have luxurious amounts of space for New Yorkers. I now transpose myself into Hilary's apartment when I feel the walls closing in.  

Our homes are not without a few differences: the entire Swank apartment could probably hold 4 of the Butler residences, she looks out over the New York landscape, my view is the Memphis Greenline, she only has one "l" in her name... But I was excited to note some similarities. Her designer, Mark Zeff also chose a clean, neutral color palette with focuses on slate greys, whites, beiges, and hints of blues. He also picked up a few pieces at West Elm, a favorite resource of mine for home decor and ideas. Her guest room with the reclaimed barn wood walls would be a perfect fit for David's rustic flair.

Here are some images of the rest of our color palette similarities. See the article in Elle Decor for tips on where to find pieces like Ms. Swanks.   

     And I had to add this one. Her bedroom is the epitome of class and swank.


  1. DANG GIRL those pics of your house look AWESOME! esp the living room. Maybe I need to take cool pics of my house and when I feel crowded etc I can pretend that the pics are out of a fashion magazine :)

  2. Thanks, lady! I'm learning to embrace my imagination station... And I love y'all's cozy lil' junt. I always want to curl up with a book when I'm over!

  3. took me more than a few moments to realize that the second photo (the one of your den) was indeed your house and not the other Hillarys...the photos look amazing, as does your house! Good one!

    I actually saw your comment on design sponge about the card catalog table, then linked here, and didn't even recognize your den at first. Lookin' good chick!