Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Paintings at Chestnut Hall Interiors!

 "The Evelyn" 20 x 30 on gallery wrapped canvas.

I wanted to share a bit of the inspiration process behind a painting.  "The Evelyn" was inspired by an amazing shot that I discovered on The Satorialist. I was immediately enraptured by the contrasting color palette. I've been busting out of my usual color schemes and this navy sweater and pops of blush and hunter green caught my eye and demanded to be thrown on the canvas. To the lovely lady who stepped outside looking ravishing in pink and navy, thank you for some inspiration!

I've been dabbling with pinks and oranges on this collection. Pantone would be so proud of me.
All of the paintings in this post have been recently released at Chestnut Halls Interiors for purchase.

Which one is your favorite??

 "Solarium"    20 x 30 on gallery wrapped canvas.
Pops of contrasting tango and whites for a splash of a piece.

"Soliloquy" 20 x 30 on gallery wrapped canvas.

Poppies are all the rage at our house this spring. I need a turquoise vase of them on my desk.

" Tango Maureen" 
30 x 40 on gallery wrapped canvas.

The first thing I did for this painting was throw massive amounts of deep orange on the canvas and the rest literally just happened. I just love it when a painting pulls itself together without tears and anguish.
 "Splendor" 30 x 40 on gallery wrapped canvas.
If there ever were a place of true splendor in the grass, I think this would be it.

 "Walden" 30 x 40 on gallery wrapped canvas.
This is my Walden Pond, where I mentally go to recharge amongst chartreuse lily pads and salmon duckweed. 

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