Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Morning Indulgence: Personal Wine & Cheese Party

Good Morning, Monday. It's here. And if it's starting off to not be such a great Monday, there's still the hope that Monday night can rescue the day. If it's a promising day, this is an even better way to kick it off. For this Monday indulgence, grab a bottle of wine after work and some simple cheese plate accompaniments such as dried apricots, figs, and your favorite cheese. A few sprigs of rosemary add a relaxing fragrance to this unwinding ritual.

I would like to feature my absolute favorite wine in the whole world, Chateau Montelena. It won the 1976 Paris tasting and inspired the movie "Bottleshock." I had this at a fancy dinner party a few years ago and was blown away with the party that happened in my mouth. Unfortunately, this isn't a liquor store special, so it must be saved for a day in serious need of redemption or one that calls for great celebration (we plebeians can buy it here).  In honor of our upcoming five year wedding anniversary, David and I will be opening this bottle that I've been saving for some time now to remember one of the greatest days of our lives. Happy Monday, indeed! Cheers!


  1. Yum. Wine is my favorite kind of indulgence! Thanks for the recommendation! Y'all are such young, cute things. We've got 2 bottles we're saving - for our 15th and 20th. :-)

    1. Girl, you plan ahead!!!! I am fantasizing about opening this bottle!!!