Thursday, March 22, 2012

Colorado Part II

Some more sites and scenery from the fabulous Colorado. We took advantage of the crazy micro climates that Colorado has to offer. One day in the snow, another in the prairie- nuts!

Above pictures:

Golden Bee in Colorado Springs- a great little piano bar (yes, we were handed song books when we sat down) that Joel and Whit love to frequent (3 cheers for the cheese dip!) | Cathedral at the Air Force Academy where David got to catch up with a former student ( almost there, Kipp!). 

Some road trip sites and world's largest plate of french toast.

Snow hiking on Sunday was probably our favorite event, since neither David or I had ever hiked in the snow before.

Wilderness hike at the Air Force Academy.

Skiing at  Loveland. We all walked away injury free...

A hundred thanks to Joel and Whit for a great trip- they showed us such a great Colorado time. We'll see you next spring break!


  1. Love looking at these Hill! Keep waiting to see brightly colored polo shirts pop out!

    1. I have an old Choir Tour pic I can post as a compare/ contrast if you like... :)

  2. Haha that sounds a little frightening, but what the heck go for it!