Monday, March 19, 2012

Colorado- Part 1

David and I just returned from an incredible week in Colorado visiting his brother and to our surprise, Memphis had sprung with spring while we were gone! It was a welcome sight to see so much green after being up north. During our week long hiatus, we hiked, skiied, explored, and ate our way through the mountains and plains of the beautiful state. It was such a welcome break from the hectic schedules back at home. I'm already missing it!

Run down of the above photos: Snooze Cafe and New Belgium Brewery in Ft. Collins. Snooze was my favorite eatery on the trip for it focused on brunch and also had fish tacos! I could have eaten there all day. We also took the New Belgium Brewery Tour (think Fat Tire!!) in FC. If you're ever in the area, it is definitely worth stopping through. This was a highlight of our trip and a funky business to explore. We sent a few postcards to friends back home and got to take home Colorado wildflower seeds that they passed out along the tour in honor of their spring brew "Dig."  Our absolute favorite beer that we tried was from their limited edition the Lips of Faith series:  "Biere de Mars." I think you can only get it at the brewery, but if you happen to see it in the stores this spring, you'd better get your hands on one!  More pics to come!

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