Friday, March 2, 2012

Artist Night Out

Last night, my sister and I hopped on over to the Brooks Museum Farmer's Mixer. The two of us are suckers for anything with the word "farmer" in it and this event did not leave us disappointed. Chef Andrew Adams of Acre and the Chubby Vegetarian pulled together this fabulous event. We really enjoyed sampling some delicious and creatively paired fare. I was enamored with the patterned naan bread and that spoon in the middle of the plate is resting in nothing shy of goat cheesecake in an egg cup, my dears.

We couldn't resist making our own vegetable-print tote bags. Kate used a carrot to make this pattern. A carrot!

 We finished off the evening with a speed tour of the new Armed and Dangerous exhibit  and were ushered out by the guards for lingering too long at the helmets at closing time...

Looking forward to more Brooks After Hours events!

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