Monday, February 13, 2012

Small Space? Bigger Painting!

This is my favorite room that I have decorated in our house. It's light and airy and always a welcoming view when I pass by. I cannot get enough of the afternoon sun that pours in, often inviting me for a cat nap... 

The painting above our bed rotates as I sell them, but this one has remained for a while and I've gotten very attached to the massive gold frame. I wanted something very modern as an accent to spice up the room. I went with a 36" x 48" canvas and worked up an abstract ikat pattern, playing with turquoise, burnt orange, and yellow/green. Opposite of what you might otherwise think, larger pieces of art actually opens up the room and makes it feel larger instead of dwarfing it. It's kind of the Alice in Wonderland effect. With bigger pieces filling your walls, you actually feel a bit small for the space, making the house feel larger. 

Any other tricks you use to make your space feel larger?