Friday, December 9, 2011

Client Work: "Golden Gate"


I had the pleasure of working with designer Lauren Hulet on this piece.
Her client's walls were a very fresh shade of sea foam, which was a great base color to work with.
I had purchased these very fabulous inset canvases in November and when I saw the space in her client's dining room needing some art, I immediately thought of these for her wall. I worked up this piece based on her existing colors adding bold swashes of turquoise and ochre to compliment her wall color.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Recent Comissions

A client wanted a bold contemporary piece to offset her blue office walls.
We went with a strong balance of black and white with some pops of color for accent.

Coy Koi: Majestic koi fish add dramatic flair for a dining room.

Daffodils: A 10 Year Anniversary commission.

A client commissioned this piece to commemorate their years together with the flower that is traditionally used to celebrate 10 years: the daffodil.